Things you can do with Kali Linux

Things you can do with Kali Linux and how to check for vulnerabilities

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux stands for "Linux Distribution". Kali Linux was developed in 2011 by the American security company "Offensive Security".

In order to prevent security problems, we distribute an OS called Linux. Security attacks are constantly evolving and are said to need to be carried out on a regular basis.

What is Linux in the first place?

In the first place, Linux is the software "OS" that manages the hardware of a computer. Linux is the same "OS" as "macOS" and "Windows 10", and was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991.

The OS (operating system) is the base when using a computer, and "Linux" is an open source OS. Even if the OS used is broken, the market share is expanding by inserting "Linux" and using it.

Features of Kali Linux

Kali Linux specializes in security .Kali Linux laptop has a wealth of software security check tools that allow you to check your environment settings and deficiencies at any time.

It is possible to fully perform cyber attack analysis, research, security analysis, research, etc. Specializing in tools to secure your network, Linux live distributions have a lot of tools.

things you can do with Kali Linux laptop

Here's what you can do with Kali Linux.

Kali Linux can manage the state of preferences. Kali Linux is open source, so you can download it for free and modify it yourself.

Many software can be used for free, and it is said that there is no problem in using it even with a minimum OS. There's a lot you can do with Kali Linux. Here are 11 things you can do with Kali Linux.

What you can do with Kali Linux 1: Create a new OS

One of the things you can do with Kali Linux is to "create your own OS".

You can create your own Android-like OS with Kali Linux. Android is a popular operating system shared all over the world, but you can create a similar operating system based on Kali Linux.

Using source programs to create your own OS, which is unique in the world, is a major feature of what you can do with Kali Linux.

What you can do with Kali Linux 2: You can run your old computer

You can also install and run it on your old computer with Kali Linux.

You can use Kali Linux to run low-spec PCs that you no longer use at home.

Kali Linux is so lightweight and light that it runs fast.

Since it is a minimal OS, let's install and customize what you need to make it easy to use.

What you can do with Kali Linux 3: Free installation

Kali Linux is popular because it can be installed for free.

Kali Linux is a "modifiable open source program" and a "free operating system". It is a Linux distribution and consists of applications.

Download and launch it from the Kali Linux download page. There is so much you can do for free.

What you can do with Kali Linux 4: Build a lot of servers

A feature of Kali Linux is the ability to build servers.

A server is a computer that provides services, and it is a major feature of Kali Linux that you can build many servers.

You can adjust it yourself, it moves quickly, and it's free no matter how many you build. Therefore, it is supported by many engineers.

What you can do with Kali Linux 5: You can use Linux for home appliances

The ability to use Linux for home appliances is also one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Since Linux can be modified, you can tune it yourself. Therefore, it can be used for home appliances. Linux can also be used for embedded devices such as home appliances, and it is widely used in various fields.

What you can do with Kali Linux 6: Use Linux for games

Using Linux in your games is one of the things you can do with Linux.

Linux is also used for games, and there are game consoles that apply open source. PlayStation 4, which is based on Linux, is popular.

The use of Linux is expanding more and more with the ability to introduce Linux to home video game terminals. It is also possible to run a high-performance computer.

What you can do with Kali Linux 7: You can hack Wi-Fi

What you can do with Kali Linux is hacking Wi-Fi.

Kali Linux is not only secure, it can also be used for attacks. You can also hack and crack Wi-Fi.

Finding security weaknesses Kali Linux is application-specific. A Wi-Fi cracking tool is also available, which can be decrypted automatically.

What you can do with Kali Linux Laptop 8: Vulnerability scanning

What you can do with Kali Linux is self-vulnerability scanning.

The Kali Linux distribution has extensive penetration testing and can be used for security vulnerability diagnostic inspection.

Use a tool called "Burp Suite" to self-examine vulnerabilities in websites and computers. If you do it to others, it will lead to criminal acts, so let's limit it to self-examination.

What you can do with Kali Linux 9: You can change the contents of the OS

Kali Linux is shared by being able to freely customize the contents of the OS.

Kali Linux makes it easy to set up a development environment, and you can change the contents of the OS yourself. Another advantage is that you can make your desktop look like a mac or Windows.

Choose your favorite OS, study the basic operations, and customize the contents of the OS freely.

What you can do with Kali Linux Laptop 10: Rich free applications

What you can do with Kali Linux is to use the application abundantly for free.

Kali Linux has a large selection of applications and is free to use. Kali Linux itself is the bare minimum, so install and use the applications you need.

LibreOffice is convenient because it can be used in the same way as Excel and Word. There are other applications by volunteers.

What you can do with Kali Linux 11: You can crack

Cracking is also one of the things you can do with Kali Linux.

The "Account Cracking Tool" can check the strength of your password. Strengthen the strength by using image authentication.

It is designed so that tragic things can happen if it is abused, and it is possible to experience such as hijacking an abused client. A major feature of Kali Linux is the ability to identify system issues from a variety of attack patterns.

Two steps for vulnerability inspection on Kali Linux

There are steps to perform vulnerability inspection on Kali Linux.

Kali Linux has excellent tools for self-inspection of Internet vulnerabilities. Kali Linux is fast and light, and although it is a minimal OS at first, it can be used for various purposes by using tools. Install Kali Linux according to the correct procedure and use the Internet comfortably.

Here, we will introduce the procedure for vulnerability inspection on Kali Linux.

Vulnerability inspection method 1: Prepare the environment

"Vagrant" and "Virtual Box" are required for vulnerability inspection.

Prepare your environment for vulnerability inspection. Install "Vagrant" and "Virtual Box" required for vulnerability inspection.

It is also useful to have the plugin vagrant-vbguest installed. You can see the installed tools from the Kali Linux menu on Kali Linux.

Vulnerability inspection method 2: Use a tool to inspect

Use the installed tools to perform vulnerability inspection.

After installing Vagrant and Virtual Box, perform vulnerability inspection. Kali Linux Tools Listing provides a wealth of tools.

"OWASP ZAP", "skipfish", "VEGA" and "Nessus" are open source and easy-to-use tools. Let's introduce in detail.


"OWASP ZAP" makes vulnerability inspection very easy.

OWASP "The Open Web Application Security Project" is a community that collects security information and releases ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) tools.

It is easy to use immediately after installation, start it, specify the target URL and press "attack" to start the attack. Vulnerability inspection is performed using ZAP as a proxy.


"Skipfish" is specialized for web applications.

"Skipfish" is a tool developed by Google and specializes in detecting vulnerabilities caused by design and implementation mistakes.

Since it is accessed by HTTP, it has the advantage that it can be used for any site. If you specify a site, a dictionary will be used to detect vulnerabilities. You can do various things such as automatic form input setting and limit of the number of simultaneous connections.


"VEGA" operates on the GUI to perform vulnerability inspection.

"VEGA" is a free open source scanner that verifies sensitive information as a test platform.

It is equipped with an automatic intercept proxy scanner for tactical inspection and can be expanded. Start it, click the icon to set it, and start vulnerability inspection automatically. When finished, the result will be displayed and you can check the contents on the tab.


"Nessus" is the most well-known vulnerability inspection tool in the world.

"Nessus" has been downloaded from all over the world. Since the scan time can be specified, vulnerability inspection can be performed without any trouble in business.

You can always get the latest version from the download page so you can stay up to date. You can also scan from outside the network and perform vulnerability diagnosis by yourself.

Let's install Kali Linux in Laptop

Install and use Kali Linux.

Kali Linux can run a PC that is no longer in use, and can access the Internet lightly, quickly and comfortably. Since the OS can be customized, you can install the necessary tools and create your own environment that is easy to use. You can use a wealth of applications for free and perform self-vulnerability scanning.

Install Kali Linux and try using your own OS.

"FEnet Infrastructure", a job change site specializing in infrastructure engineers

  • DNS Analysis --dnsenum

View your domain's DNS information to see what's publicly available.

  • DNS Analysis --dnsrecon

Check all NS records for zone transfers.

Lists common DNS records for a particular domain (MX, SOA, NS, A, AAAA, SPF, TXT).

Mac network utility abolished! Explanation of port scan method


I was surprised to open it for the first time after switching to the new Mac OS Big sur.

Network Utility is obsolete! (The screen does not appear)

I just wanted to do a port scan, but in

this article I'll show you how to do a port scan using a terminal.

Which laptop is best for kali linux?

Perform port scans only on computers that you manage. A port scan on a typical server will be detected as a pre-attack stage.
I am not responsible for any problems or damages caused by practicing the contents of this blog. Please do it at your own risk.

Install Kali Linux 2021.1 on your laptop (procedure)

Is Linux a difficult operating system?

It seems that " Linux " technology is indispensable to hone the skills of white hackers (Ethical Hacking) .

By the way, I remember developing a public system in "Unix C language" about 30 years ago. (^^ ;; I managed half of my work, so my memory is very thin, but I remember it was very difficult. The only thing I remember is "vi editor is hard to use".

I don't want to use it too much, but Linux is a required item, so I would like to try again.

"Kali Linux" is recommended as the operating system when referring to the net.

What is Kali Linux laptop?

Kali Linux is a Linux operating system on which "penetration test software" is installed.

Kali Linux is a white hacker testing tool

Kali Linux is the operating system recommended by White Hacking for security testing and is "for hacking and penetration testing" software.

You can use actual hacking techniques to test your computer for vulnerabilities. These softwares are called penetration test software.

By the way, the "penetration test" is simply a "hacking tool". This is a test to check if there is a "vulnerability" by trying to invade a personal computer (computer) connected to the network.

From information gathering to reporting, Kali Linux has more than 365 different testing tools that enable you to assess system security and vulnerabilities.

  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Web Applications Analysis
  • Database Assessment
  • Password Attacks
  • Wireless Attacks
  • Reverse Engineering (Analysis of program code)
  • Exploitation Tools
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
  • Post Exploitation
  • Forensics Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Social Engineering Tool
  • Hardware Hacking
  • Maintaining Access
  • Stress Testing

There are three ways to install Kali Linux on the internet.

  • How to install Kali Linux as it is on a laptop computer etc.
  • How to install Kali Linux on a Windows virtual machine
  • How to install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10 (Windows Server)

This site will create environments 1 and 2.

First of all, (1.) I want to create an environment that is free from windows, so I will install Kali Linux on my laptop.

Then, (2.) Install multiple operating systems (Kali Linux, target Windows 10) on the desktop of Windows 10 using "VMware (virtual machine software)".

best laptop for kali Linux

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